Tutu Kueh Container (DIY Craft Lesson)

  • Course level: Intermediate


In this video, learn to make a locally inspired container that can be used for accessories or any other knick knacks. Techniques covered will be slab rolling, pinching and coiling. This is an intermediate-level project that requires the use of a banding wheel (provided in the course kit).

Topics for this course

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Ketupat Coaster (DIY Craft Lesson)

Tutu Kueh Container (DIY Craft Lesson)00:12:18

Material Includes

  • Please note that we will require all students to return the tools listed below. You can return them when you come down for the glazing and firing of the artwork. We will refund the deposit of S$50 after receiving all the tools.
  • 1x Banding wheel
  • 1x Wooden knife
  • 1x Wooden Rib
  • 1x Yellow sponge
  • 1x Clay cutter
  • 1x pair of guiding stick
  • 1x wooden roller
  • 1x Needle
  • 1x Trimming tools